I've had a lot of great times and wonderful opportunities as a musician. Here are just a few highlights.

Missouri Botanical Garden


Photo by Jimmy Katz
Promotional shoot for, Over and Over

Photo by Jimmy Katz.

Video shoot for, "These Days"

with Suzanne Cox, Viktor Krauss, Todd Lombardo and Tara Santiago.

Recording Session with Viktor Krauss

and Todd Lombardo for the song, "It Might Be You", added as a bonus track for the vinyl release of Here and Now.

Cotton Club, Tokyo

Erin and Syd Rodway during a 2009 performance at the Cotton Club in Tokyo

Concert Poster

Poster for one of our performances at Il Torrione in Ferrara, Italy

Themba Girls

With the Themba Girls in South Africa

Themba Boys

With the Themba Boys in South Africa


Shoot during the recording of our album, "Photograph"

Palermo Poster

Poster for a performance we did at the Blue Brass Jazz Club in Palermo, Sicily


With Garrison Keillor at the Fox Theater in St. Louis for A Prairie Home Companion

Neal Cappellino, Viktor Krauss and me

mixing for our recording of, "The Moon is Ours Tonight".

Tokyo Escalator